Silicone Doll Care (collectors)

When you purchase you precious silicone baby you want to take the very best care to keep baby in the best condition. Silicone velvet™ powder and the NEW Silicone Velvet™ Care Liquid™ protect baby from the damage of friction. (for ARTISTS application, read our artists page)

Colour protecting Silicone Velvet™ Powder

Unlike talc, plain silica powder or cornstarch, our unique powder blend includes tiny transparent light diffusing micro bubbles of silicone. These provide the silkiest protection & feel whilst the paint colours stay true and vibrant.

Preventing Mouth Damage with Silicone Velvet™ Care Liquid™

Even top silicone artists report that repeated use of pacifiers/dummies or feeding bottles can cause the mouth paint to peel or split. Silicone Velvet Care Liquid™ is applied to the mouth or the bottle to prevent  this damaging friction.  The liquid is specially developed and tested to avoid the sticky residue that happens with lubricants designed for human skin. (Never use silicone based lubricants or petroleum jelly on your doll as serious damage could occur – only use products approved for use on silicone dolls)

How to use our products to protect your silicone baby

Silicone Velvet Powder to make baby feel like silk and protect the surface paint for longer.

To acheive velvety soft skin that is not only ultra real to touch and look at, but also helps clothes glide on and prevent friction that will damage your doll, regular use of silicone velvet will safely and purely protect you precious doll. Use on a clean dry doll with a (latex free) powder puff or small powder brush to gently work the powder into the doll’s skin. Use a large powder brush to dust off any excess.

**If your doll is peeling, using any kind of powder will emphasise the peeling, but will not make the peeling any worse. Consider a professional rematting service to fix this problem.**

Silicone Velvet Care Liquid to protect the mouth from peeling & tearing.

Apply a small amount of the liquid to the teat of an appropriate sized pacifier or bottle and smooth it over the surface with your finger. The bottle/pacifier should now slide into the mouth smoothly. If it does not slide – apply a little more product. During regular use a little reside may result – this is totally safe however can be removed with pure water on a cotton bud (Qtip).

**Never use bottles or pacifiers that overstretch or do not fit the doll. We recommend that pacifiers are not left in for a long time to avoid deforming the silicone. Never use pacifiers or any item with strong colours in contact with your doll as colour transfer is always a risk.