Customer Reviews


Amazing product

This matting powder is just amazing. I’ve tried quite a few matting products but this is far the best. It feels so soft and silky. Gone are the days of clumping matting powder and the days of dreading matting a baby in fear of ruining all that hard work. Well done on creating a fantastic product and I can’t wait to move onto the other products too.


Oustanding! Fantastic results

I tested this product and am amazed at the results. Having used several other matting powders from various suppliers this is definitely one of my very favourites. It does what it says on the tin AND the is definitely velvety in terms of the feel of the silicone when matted. Absolutely outstanding. Ordering more right now!!


Beautiful peachy finish

Used this powder for the first time today, absolutely stunning results, so soft and peachy – literally as soft as a baby’s bottom. Will definitely be ordering more it is the nicest matting product I have used to date!



I used this for the first time to matt my silicone. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! It truly does make your dolly feel velvety and soft!!! I just love it. Easy to apply, it doesnt clump up like some matting powders and its so very easy to apply it.
Thanks Ella! Will be using this for sure from now on 🙂 I cant figure out a way to post pics or I would! Its just fantastic.



ive been making silicone for about 4 years now and tried many products, from corn starch to other well known products, I was asked to test this new product, and am blown away, it leaves your baby super silky and lovely to touch, with no nasty clumping I find you get with some products, would highly recommend not just for artist but also collectors to keep your baby in top condition,