Matting a silicone doll

This is a guide for artists who are matting (or rematting) a silicone baby doll. For collectors wanting to powder a finished baby – see “doll Care”.

Artists: 2 ways to use

For best long lasting results: Ensure baby is clean and free of oils. Wipe down with a silicone friendly solvent (NOVOCS is recommended) and allow it to evaporate off. This step helps to ensure tat you dont get peeling later as it takes away any leeched silicone oils or oils fro your skin as well as dirt. Once it is dry – apply a very thin (clear) layer of your preferred silicone paint system. Apply the powder using an atomiser spray, sifter shaker or powder brush before the silicone starts to kick (cure). Be careful not to end up with pools of clear paint in creases or deep areas.

After silicone has fully cured, dust of excess with a powder brush – rinsing isnt necessary but it does help to reveal any missed spots. (Users tip: Keep a little of the silicone paint mix in your palette to touch and observe to see how the curing is progressing rather than touching your artwork). Once you are happy – apply an additional light dusting of silicone velvet with a powder brush to give the silkiest feel ready to be dressed and sent home.

Quick touch up: Ensure baby is clean and free of oils and lay the doll on a lint free surface such as tissue paper or plastic wrap. Wipe down with a silicone friendly solvent (NOVOCS or Isopropyl alcohol are recommended). Allow a few minutes for the solvent to evaporate. Apply the powder in firm circular motion to work into the silicone using a small medium firm brush (makeup foundation brushes work really well and as they are soft but firm). No need to wait – dust of excess with a powder brush – do not rinse using this method.

***See our other products to achieve lanugo or a dewy glow on skin – these complement the Silicone Velvet.