Silicone Velvet Doll artist and care products

  • Silicone Velvet Matte Powder – Artists’ matting powder and after care powder
  • NEW Silicone Velvet Care Liquid – friction protection for mouth when using pacifiers
  • Silicone Downy Fuzz – Artists’ fibres to create newborn lanugo
  • Silicone Healthy Glow – for artists and collectors to make skin look more alive

Created by exerienced silicone painting and molding artists, working with leading engineers and chemists.

Simple to use – best results.

“When you are spending such a lot of money to produce a silicone baby, you just have to use the best matting product out there and this is it.” Ros Johnson – Professional Silicone Doll Artist & Sculptor
Silicone Velvet Matte powder on serenity silicone doll
Silicone Velvet Matte for matting silicone dolls

Unlike talc, plain silica powder or cornstarch, our unique powder blend in Silicone Velvetâ„¢ includes tiny transparent light diffusing micro bubbles of silicone. These provide the silkiest protection & strongest bond whilst the paint colours & details stay true and vibrant on babies created in ALL skintones.